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Acai & Pitaya Bowls

The ALOHA BOWLS are made acai or pitaya, as well as with tons of ALOHA & garnished with real seasonal fruits and our tasty homemade honey & nuts granola. Each of our bowls has its own personality, which one is your type?

Road to Hana

Green & soothing

acai, avocado, spinach, coconut, matcha, chia & hemp


Fruity & colorful

acai, explosion of fruits, chia & hemp


Chocolaty & energetic

acai, cacao, peanut butter, coconut, almonds & cashews

Pink Panther

Exotic & colorful

pitaya, litchi, coconut, chia & hemp


Chocolaty & energetic

pitaya, cacao, peanut butter, exotic fruits, figs, almonds & cashews

Buddha Palm

Zen & soothing

pitaya, avocado, spinach, exotic fruits, lime, goji, turmeric, ginger & chia

Transform your bowl into a smoothie!

Healthy & delicious, made with real fruits + macadamian milk (other milk options available), this is the smoothie version of our ALOHA ACAI & PITAYA BOWLS:

RAINBOW:acai + explosion of seasonal fruits, chia & hemp
ROAD to HANA:acai + seasonal fruits, avocado, spinach, matcha, chia & hemp
IRONMAN:acai + seasonal fruits, cacao, peanut butter
PINK PANTHER:pitaya + seasonal fruits, litchi, chia & hemp
BUDDHA PALM:pitaya + seasonal & exotic fruits, avocado, spinach, lime, goji, turmeric, ginger & chia
DRAGONFLY:pitaya + seasonal & exotic fruits, cacao, peanut butter

Take your smoothie to another level...
add protein, espresso or Khalua

Poke Bowls

All 3 Aloha Poké Bowls are a combination of fresh high quality ingredients that have been chosen to match perfectly together.
If you like raw fish, more particularly salmon or tuna, we strongly suggest that you out for either the Poké Bomb or for the Hawaii 5-0.
If you are the shrimp or chicken lover type, then the Maui was made for you…
Are you vegetarian or vegan and like Poke? No problemo, we got you covered!


chicken/shrimp/tofu, papaya, mango, edamame, cucumber, organic tomatoes, nuts, crispy onions


salmon/tuna/tofu, kimchi, daikon, wakame, carrot, cucumber, ginger, tobiko

Hawaii 5-0

salmon/tuna/tofu, avocado, edamame, wakame, radish, cucumber, ginger, tobiko

Lazy Morning

breakfast served all day except for the Eggaholic which is served until 11am.

jam + ricotta + figs + macadamia nuts, served on two focaccia toasts

smoked salmon + cream cheese + lettuce + capers + red onion + cucumber + organic tomatoes + pickles + dill, served on bagel

fresh avocados with olive oil & lemon + organic tomatoes + nuts + chili flakes, served on two focaccia toasts

homemade pepper, mushroom & tomatoe spread + crispy onions + coriander, served on two focaccia toasts

egg souffle + cheddar + dijonnaise + organic tomatoes + lettuce, served on two focaccia toasts

scrambled eggs + ricotta + organic cherry tomatoes + dill, served on two focaccia toasts

homemade eggplant spread + organic tomatoes + crispy onions + feta + coriander, served on two focaccia toasts

homemade beet hummus + nuts + balsamic glaze + basil + feta, served on two focaccia toasts


All our sandwiches are offered on a homemade focaccia bread, fresh every day. Made of simple ingredients, our sandwiches are generous, daring, tasty and are assembled and garnished on demand to ensure freshness and flavor. Fresh herbs, mayonnaise, vinaigrette, choice of cold/hot meats, eggs, and roasted or marinated vegetables are the basis of our recipes, which show that simplicity can rhyme with taste and quality.

porchetta + aïoli with capers + grilled vegetables + lettuce

sardines + pickled egg + capers + fresh herbs, radish, lemon juice

schwartz smoked meat + dijon mustard + pickles

boiled eggs + pimenton mayo + capers + beets + fresh herbs + feta + pickles

prosciutto + mushroom spread + grilled vegetables + basil + ricotta

salami + artichoke spread + grilled vegetables + feta

grilled chicken + olive tapenade + grilled vegetables & peppers + lettuce + basil + ricotta + chili flakes

grilled vegetables & peppers + organic tomatoes + olive tapenade + lettuce + basil + feta

Coffee & Alternatives

Customize your coffee!

For your coffee, you can choose among the following milks:
Organic 3.8%, 1%, Organic Soy, Macadamian, Organic Almond, Coconut, Oat.

We also have a selection of syrups you can add to your coffee:
Caramel, Coconut, Maple, Macadamia, Hazelnut, Pumpkin, Vanilla.

If you feel a little wild, you can choose to add some Vodka or Khalua.
All of the coffees can be made as an iced version!

Choose your coffee blend

KONA 100% coffee: Pure Kona Coffee directly from Hawaii

KONA Blend coffee: mix of Kona 100% coffee with other types of grains

Ethiopian Blend coffee: Strong coffee with a slight chocolate flavour and thick crema.


Espresso Martini

espresso + kahula + syrup + vodka

Happy Hawaiian

coconut milk + macadamian milk + cream + litchi syrup + kahula + vodka

Dirty Pink Panther

vodka + grand marinier + pitaya + orange juice

Red Phoenix

kona red + vodka + malibu

Shave Ice

Shave Ice is a very popular Hawaiian refreshing dessert made by shaving a block of ice and by adding your favorite syrups.

We offer over 30 different high quality sugar cane based syrup flavors as well as some choices of toppings such as condensed milk, jelly or mochi.