KONA 100%

Our KONA 100% coffee contains exclusively 100% Kona coffee of superiour quality. It is roasted with the old-fashioned Italian tradition by Barista Microtorrefactor, an artisanal microroastery established in Montreal. Being a brown roast, it has a fruity taste with subtelities of nuts and chocolate. Let yourself be seduced by its delicate aroma and its rich and velvety taste.To fully appreciate its exceptional qualities, the recommended brewing methods are filter, french press or by drip.

250g - 40$
500g - 78$
1kg - 153$

Available IN STORE,
& Soon ONLINE.

In the heart of the Big Island of Hawaii, a thin piece of land situated on the slopes of the volcanoes Mauna Loa and Hualalai, shelters a hidden treasure, the Kona coffee. The ideal microclimate, the volcanic soil rich in minerals and its limited production make it a first line coffee. Its rarity added to the exceptional care it receives, harvested at perfect maturity and picked by hand, the Kona coffee is undeniably a great vintage coffee.
Willing to offer you a cup full of Aloha and freshness, our green Kona coffee is imported directly to the source and roasted a small amount at a time. We are proud to be partners with producers we personally met and selected because of their love for coffee, dedication to planting, work ethic and respect for the environment.


Our signature KONA BLEND was developed exclusively for us by Barista Microtorrefactor , a micro-roastery located in Montreal. It is a blend of Kona with specialty coffees from South America and Asia, chosen according to the oldest Italian tradition. Being a medium-black roast, combining the uniqueness of each grain, our homemade blend offers a cup of rich but sweet taste, with aromas of hazelnut and without bitterness. Designed specifically for espresso, it is equally suitable for other brewing methods.

250g - 20$
500g - 38$
1kg - 75$

Available IN STORE,
& Soon ONLINE.