Catering Services

Choose Aloha if you want to offer any of our high quality, healthy products to your guests whether in regular format or small bites:

Croissants & fine pastries | Cold meat & cheese plates | Lazy Morning menu | Acai & Pitaya bowls | Poke bowls | Sandwiches

We offer pre-infused coffee in thermos, or if want to bring your coffee experience to another level, we can customize a mobile espresso bar service with one of our Baristas attending your venue. The later includes a portable espresso machine, Kona Blend or Kona 100% coffee, as well as other related products needed to make your favorite coffee.

Moreover, our catering menu can be personalized according to your specific needs. Simply tell us about your tastes, budget and the number of guests and we will get back to you with a proposal as soon as possible.

Prices start at 6$ per person (+taxes), delivery costs may apply.

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