From dream to reality

Aloha is essentially a place where you can savor your favorite gourmet coffee along with a healthy and delicious meal of Hawaiian inspiration and world cuisines.

Poke lovers, acai/pitaya bowls/smoothies addicts, fresh sandwiches fans along with the insatiable sweet tooth squad, everyone will get his fix! And why not spirit up your dining experience with one of our signature house cocktails or local beers?

Whether for a quick visit or a coffee break, Aloha is more than just a place of consumption. Our goal is to perpetuate the Aloha spirit, a vision of community of sharing, exchange and diversity.

Therefore, at Aloha Espresso Bar, the individual space gives way quietly to the collective space, where our home becomes your home, where the very essence of life should be summed up around the word Aloha, a place where people of all origins and corners of the planet, mingle around large common tables in a spirit of reciprocity and sharing.

Looking forward to meeting you, Aloha kakou!

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15 de la Commune West
Montreal, Quebec H2Y 2C6