From Dream to Reality

It all begins with a trip to Hawaii in 2015. Through this magical and surreal journey, we discovered a true piece of paradise on earth that doesn‘t just sum up by the breathtaking scenery but also by the cultural and human beauty. Happy and forever transformed, we returned home full of ideas and taking back with us the warmth of the sun, banana breads, macadamia nuts, 100% Kona coffee, one of the best in the world and the promise to practice and perpetuate the Aloha spirit. From this trip, was born Aloha Espresso Bar, which we hope will become your little piece of Hawaiian paradise in Montreal.

Aloha is first and foremost a place where you can sip your favorite gourmet coffee with a healthy breakfast or just a delicious pastry. But it's also a place where you can enjoy a tasty meal of Hawaiian or international inspiration with a good glass of wine. More than just a place of consumption, we wanted to recreate the Aloha spirit, a vision of community sharing, exchange and diversity. The individual space quietly gives way to the collective space where our home becomes your home, where the very essence of life should be summed up around the word Aloha, a place where people, from all walks of life, all corners of the planet, mingle around large communal tables.

Come discover our signature products - 100% Kona Coffee, Acai Bowls, Pitaya Bowls, Poke Bowls & Shave Ice - whether for a quick visit, a coffee break or just for some good relaxing time.

Looking forward to meeting you, Aloha kakou!